Sacred Path Foundation

“By knowing yourself, by consciously striving to understand how your personality was formed, you can free yourself to grow beyond your past
experiences. You can live for the grand possibilities of the future, rather than be tied to the restrictive influences of the past.”  Les Brown

This website will give you resources to create FREEDOM in your life, build meaningful relationships, and give you hope when you thought otherwise.  All our partners or resources are intended to serve and support your path… understand you’ll be required to take steps to liberate yourself while we mindfully work together.

Get ready to connect and co-create.  Enjoy Thy Truth!

Manifesting Heaven on Earth:
We’re in the process of merging our Higher Heart (Spiritual) to our Physical World on Earth. Being rocketed to a higher dimension – new frequencies and lessons.

Core Values:  Service / Integrity / Accountability / Loyalty / Self Respect / Social Responsibility / Global Visionaries / Health & Wellness

Mission:  To provide quality services to all sentient beings with professionalism and integrity while offering: housing, medical, financial freedom, education, business development, inner strength, and resources to help the next person.

Our Vision:   To end poverty – provide sustainable housing and food for all.  Fight for equality – education, health, wellness, climate change awareness, business development, clean energy,  build debt free communities and support your extraordinary dreams.  Guided by these goals, it’s now up to us, our governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.