• Food is the foundation of Life – Ending Poverty ends now!
  • Our primarily focus is living a healthier life… we’ll offer a variety of courses to empower you and your communities Sacred Paths. All courses and sessions with a Certified Nutritionist will be FREE… May every aspect of being be showed and detoxed by the grace of God.  Nurturing our soul, minds, emotions, and bodies will produce results we’ve never experienced. 
  • A couple ideas to consider: Enjoying All Organic Foods for 30 days or more, Juicing – 3 to 10 days straight, committing to a healthier lifestyle for 90 days, or group supported activities.  After a few months you’ll believe in the Power of Healthy Foods vs. Processed (Dead) Foods.  We’ll offer a number of Cooking Classes and share some of the food with the homeless or local shelters throughout your community.    

                  (Creating UNITY)

  • Educational courses – Inner child exploration or learning healthy concepts to release traumas from your bodies. Braking past cycles with your children / Core Values / Free Self Defense Training / Goal Setting / Vision Board / Developing Successful Relationships / Valuable Life Coaching Sessions / Relaxation Techniques – Quite Time – Effective Nap Times / Mediation / Massage Therapy / Group Conversations – weekly / Manifest success by being you!

            (Experience the Truth)