• Food is Life – Ending Poverty ends now!
  • We’ll start with how to live a healthier life… Offering a variety of modalities to empower all Sacred Paths. These courses and sessions may include a Certified Nutritionist for FREE… Be showered and cleansed by the grace and power of God. Forever nurturing our soul, minds, emotions, and bodies to only experience our True Nature.
  • Enjoy All Organic Foods for 30 days or more, Juice only for 3 to 10 days straight, committing to a healthier lifestyle for 90 days, or join group supported activities. After a few months you’ll believe in the Power of Healthy Foods vs. Processed (Dead) Foods. We’ll offer a number of Cooking Classes and share some of the food with the homeless or local shelters throughout our communities.

                  (Creating UNITY)

  • Educational courses – Free Student Loan repayment program/ Inner child exploration to learn healthy concepts to release traumas from your bodies. Breaking past cycles with your children / Core Values / Free Self Defense Training / Goal Setting / Vision Board / Developing Successful Relationships / Valuable Life Coaching Sessions / Relaxation Techniques – Quite Time – Effective Nap Times / Mediation / Massage Therapy / Holistic Wellness / Group Conversations – weekly.
  • Your Success by begins and ends with you!

Experience your Truth NOW