A New Reality

  • Right place, right time
  • “A journey of 25,754 years began as one idea.” Jahara
  • Uncover and explore your deepest desires / Develop a new passion to experience your Spiritual Truth – Transform your Communities or turn your Service Opportunities into completed projects / Work one on one with a Business Coach – manifest the perfect business plan, implement the plan, and turn your passion into a successful business. The Foundation will help you raise money  to start your business and support your dream.

   By the Grace of God there go I!

  • Service opportunities – are not optional – we ask everyone to “Pay it forward” in our program…  You’ll agree to donate 2% of your business profits once yearly and we’ll forward 100% of your funds towards the expenses to start-up new student businesses. The Foundation will disclose donations annually and ask graduates to mentor new students beginning their awakening.     

      Only Love & Service exist!